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  • grooved reducing tee supplier
grooved reducing tee supplier

grooved reducing tee supplier

  • grooved reducing tee
  • Size: 1/2-12
  • Quality control: 100% air tight test
  • material: Stainless steel 304, 316
  • Product description: PURSUE is grooved reducing tee supplier and grooved reducing tee manufacturer. We supply grooved reducing tee

grooved reducing tee supplier

Product description:

304 316 stainless steel grooved reducing tee

grooved reducing tee supplier

Item No. Item name DN size Inch size
PS40560 Grooved reduce tee DN80×65 88.9x76.1
PS40561 Grooved reduce tee DN100×65 108x76.1
PS40562 Grooved reduce tee DN100×80 108x88.9
PS40563 Grooved reduce tee DN125×65 133x76.1
PS40564 Grooved reduce tee DN125×80 133x88.9
PS40565 Grooved reduce tee DN125×100 133x108
PS40566 Grooved reduce tee DN150×65 159x76.1
PS40567 Grooved reduce tee DN150×80 159x88.9
PS40568 Grooved reduce tee DN150×100 159x108
PS40569 Grooved reduce tee DN150×125 159x133
PS40570 Grooved reduce tee DN200×65 219x76.1
PS40571 Grooved reduce tee DN200×80 219x88.9
PS40572 Grooved reduce tee DN200×100 219x108
PS40573 Grooved reduce tee DN200×125 219x133
PS40574 Grooved reduce tee DN200×150 219x159
PS40575 Grooved reduce tee DN250×125 273x133
PS40576 Grooved reduce tee DN250×150 273x159
PS40577 Grooved reduce tee DN250×200 273x219
PS40578 Grooved reduce tee DN300×125 325x133
PS40579 Grooved reduce tee DN300×150 325x159
PS40580 Grooved reduce tee DN300×200 325x219
PS40581 Grooved reduce tee DN300×250 325x273

** Material: SS316, SS304

** Size: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8’‘, 10’‘, 12’‘

** Standard: 3A,DIN,SMS,ISO,DS,BS,BPE or produce according to drawings

** Working pressure: 0 - 10Bar (From min. pressure vacuum to max. pressure 10Bar)

** Seal: EPDM, Viton

** Application: Beer, Dairy products, Foods, Pharmacy, Drinks, Cosmetics industry, etc

grooved reducing tee supplier

grooved reducing tee manufacturer

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