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What's thread fittings?

What's thread fittings?

Thread fittings are fittings with thread. Commonly used in water pipe, gas pipe, water pipe, compressed air pipe and low pressure steam pipe.

Thread fittings mainly include: Male nipple, Female coupling, Reducing nipple, Female reducer, Male female reducer, Union, Pipe end plug, 90° equal elbow, 45° equal elbow, Reducing elbow (FF), Male female elbow, Equal tee, Reducing tee, Cross etc.

Thread fitting standards:

ASME B16.11

BS 3799

GB / T 14383

Common material:

1. Stainless steel 304, 316

2. Brass

3. Cast iron

4. PVC pipe fittings

5. PPR pipe fittings

Thread fitting product list see here: http://www.pursueplumbing.com/threaded-fittings.html

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