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How to distinguish M thread, G thread, R thread, Rc thread and Rp thread?

What’s Plain thread (General purpose metric screw thread) and Pipe thread?

Plain thread is also called General purpose metric screw thread, it is mainly used to joint equipment parts, thread angle is 60 degree, and it is named M thread.

Pipe thread is mainly used to joint pipeline, thread angle is 55 degree, and there are two types of pipe threads:

(1) Non-sealing pipe thread: it is named G thread, the male and female threads are all cylinder shaped threads. A male G thread and female G thread together do not have sealing effect, it is mainly used in wire tube / cable tube which do not require sealing effect.

(2) Sealing pipe thread, these kinds of thread have sealing effect after screwed. There are three types of sealing pipe threads:

R thread: tapered male thread

Rc thead: tapered female thread

Rp thread: parallel female thread

Rc thread plus R thread can produce sealing effect, Rp thread plus R thread can also produce sealing effect. They are mainly used in water pipe, gas pipe and oil pipe which require sealing effect.

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