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How does pipe fitting works?

How does pipe fitting works?

What's pipe fitting:
Pipe fitting are parts which connect joint pipes to be pipeline.

Pipe fitting material:
Pipe fitting materials mainly include: stainless steel 304, 316, brass, plastic, galvanized steel, etc.

Pipe fitting types:
Pipe fittings mainly include: coupling, socket, flange, elbow, tee, cross, reducing coupling, reducing elbow, reducing tee, male thread pipe fitting, female thread pipe fitting, etc.

How does pipe fitting works:
** Coupling, socket, flange are used to joint two pipes;
** Elbow is used when pipe need to turn direction, there are 90 degree elbow and 45 degree elbow.
** Tee is used when we need to joint three pipes together.
** Cross is used when we need to joint 4 pipes together.
** male thread pipe fitting and female thread pipe fitting are used to joint pipe with water meter, faucet, and also used to joint pipes with different connection methods. For example, use threaded fittings to joint press fitting pipeline to weld fitting pipeline.

Connection types:

According to connection method, pipe fittings mainly have the following connection methods:

** Threaded pipe fitting, see thread fitting types here: http://www.pursueplumbing.com/threaded-fittings.html
** Grooved pipe fitting, see grooved pipe fitting types here: http://www.pursueplumbing.com/grooved-end-fittings.html
** Camlock pipe fitting, see camlock types here: http://www.pursueplumbing.com/camlock-quick-coupling.html

** Compressed pipe fitting, see compressed pipe fitting types here: http://www.pursueplumbing.com/Compression-fitting.html

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